Quartz Fiber Materials


The basic incentive for development of quartz and silica fiber materials was the necessity to protect the spacecrafts from high temperatures

Nearly half a century ago, our specialists designed and mastered the production of these materials. Up to now our company is a leader in this field. We produce a wide assortment of multifunctional ecology-safe materials based on quartz and silica fibers.

Buran (spacecraft)

The basic scientific and technological researches in the field of development of quartz and silica fibers were carried out in the period of development of the Buran shuttle spacecraft.

According to the order from the Soviet aerospace industry, a unique technology of production of ultrafine quartz fibers was developed, which has allowed to produce an efficient thermal protection of spacecrafts.


The quartz fibers are produced from natural quartz with not less than 99.9 % (by weight)

Our company produces twisted yarns, webs, and fabrics of various structures, made of quartz fibers. We make quartz fiber materials in the form of discrete and chopped fibers, yarns and rovings, fabrics and bands.