About the Company


Our company is a big diversified research-and-production center in Russia, pursuing a “task definition ⇒ research ⇒ development ⇒ industrial production” strategy. Thanks to such an approach, we succeed in maintaining and improving the traditional directions of our scientific and technical activity and in developing and mastering new types of glass-fiber materials and composites.

The first researches in the field of glass fiber production technology were launched in Russia in 1946. After the World War II, an All-Union Research Institute for Glass Fibers was established on the base of a small laboratory at the State Research Institute of Glass, which was reorganized into an All-Union Research Institute for Glass Reinforced Plastics and Glass Fibers (VNIISPV)


The main goal for the Institute was to implement the program of the industrial production of glass reinforced plastics and expand the range of glass fiber materials for the defense industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, etc.

An R&D production facility NPO Stekloplastic was established on the base on VNIISPV in 1983 and reorganized into an open joint-stock company in 1992.

N. Trofimov was the leader of the company from 1981 till 2007 when A. N. Trofimov became the General Director, maintaining the company’s best traditions and providing the continuity in the scientific and production activity.

Fibers unwinding

NPO Stekloplastic has gained authority in the world’s market of fiber silica materials. We have an accredited Test Center, which allows to control the high quality and reliability of our products.

The leading specialists of our company consider the prospective directions of scientific research at the meetings of the Scientific Council.

Our backup of intellectual property numbers more than 1300 inventors certificates and patents for industrial designs and useful models.

The results of our scientific and technical activity have found reflection in our scientists’ numerous books.


We take part in exhibitions, conferences and business meetings, which favors the expansion of our cooperation with the leading companies and big scientific centers all over the world.


We are open to any forms of scientific, technical, and economic cooperation!